Ming Yee

1st entry:
       During the December holidays I went overseas to Taiwan! We stayed there for a week plus and mum was the one that actually planned the whole trip. It was not my first time there but it was for my family members and my grandmother.  Still, I was excited to go knowing that we would be able to go to all the fun places once again. As we went there at around November it was actually very cold there.
       We actually booked a cab in Taipei for the whole day, and the taxi driver actually introduced the fun places as well as places that have a good scenery. I still remember we actually went to the temple to have our fortune told. As we were there we actually got to see a perfect view of the sunset. We literally could see the sun setting right in front of our eyes although it was really glaring.
       I remember that we had also went to Yeliu. There were lots and lots of wind over there which made it much more colder than it should have been. I remember walking almost the whole of Yeliu we even got to see the cute little mascots of each venue. I loved the candle mascot, and was even more amazed by the stones of the candle. It was even harder to believe that it was natural. Sadly, the place which had a lot of them was closed for some reason but I'm still glad that I got to see some.
       Other than that, the taxi driver actually bought us some fireworks! My grandmother, mother and brother were too cold so they stayed in the car. Me and my father we each help one of the firework in our hands and faced it towards the sky. The we watched the fireworks happened beneath our eyes! This trip to Taiwan was really really memorable and valuable to me. ^^

2nd entry:
            Poverty in Singapore Grew from 16% in 2002 to 28% in 2013
            Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing had said that the government doesn’t want to define a poverty line in Singapore. According to a new study by the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Social Work Department, “the working poor in Singapore … is defined as someone earning less than half of the average monthly income of a Singaporean, which now stands at S$3,000.” This is similar to what the World Bank had defined as the poverty line, which “could be set at 50 percent of the country’s mean income or consumption“. “As such, the poverty line in Singapore would be someone who earns less than S$1,500 every month.If you look at the CPF Annual Report in 2011, where the distribution of the monthly wages of Singaporeans were last available (the government omitted this information from 2012), 458,257 Singaporeans were earning less than S$1,500 every month. This represents 26% of the Singaporean and PR population (Chart 1).As such, it can said that 26% of Singaporeans are living in poverty in Singapore.
            Reflection: Although Singapore seems like a well-built country there are still some people living in poverty in Singapore, but it has definitely improved way better than last time. I think that poverty starts when they have a family to feed but no work. It also can be because Singapore is too advanced for them that finding a work in Singapore is very hard especially when they are not educated. I hope that Singapore will be able to create more jobs for people.

3rd entry:
            There will be a a lot of elderly people as right now Singapore is already one of the most expensive countries to live in and if the have too many children that is also equivalent to having many mouths to feed, thus the cost expenses will be very high.
The family planning policy, known as the one-child policy in the West,[1] is a population control policy of the People's Republic of China. China's population was subject to a strict one-child restriction;[2] an additional 53% was allowed to have a second child if the first was a girl. This kind of policy can result in girls being neglected, not wanted by the family, or have a high risks of it, if possible I hope that they can find another way to solve the problem.

4th entry:
             I think that China is having a rapid economy Growth due to the companies inChina having more business transactions done in different countries. They are doing their trades internationally. As more business transactions are done between different kind of countries they earn more money and the country becomes richer thus the rapid growth in economy. 
            Taiwan is NOT an internationally recognized country because neither of the TWO Chinese governments claiming ownership of it have ever signed a treaty with the USA to officially transfer ownership to themselves. Taiwan is not a country but the name of an island. The country name is Republic of China. 
           Taiwan is now independent, as they have their own flag which differs from the flag of China and they both have their own individual anthems. And in most cases, they would often call themselves Taiwanese instead of Chinese, and during a world event, their home-region would just be known as Taiwan, not China.  

5th entry:
             I feel the group could do better by managing the amount of things that each person said in the group so that each of them can have a chance to speak up. I think that the things they did well was they actually came up with a short skit to show their use of product, to explain to the audience the use of their product. I feel the the management of their group could be done better to produce a more effective impact on the audience for those people to actually buy the product. They could try to manage who would be doing what and during at a point of time who will be saying what. By doing so, each of them can actually have the chance to show the speaking skills, the points that they want to make. If the audience also sees the same old person speaking all the points of the presentation, it would be boring and even more puzzling for the audience as to why the other people standing there are not speaking much or not at all.

6th entry:

             I feel that today's presentation was really useful and I believe that it is essential in our working lives in the future. In the future, I am sure regardless of what job we are going to have, most of jobs will need to do presentations. Even in schools, we have already started on presenting in primary school. I feel that to learn the skills of presenting from young is a very good habit. After all, practice makes perfect. As to how I feel about my own presentation, I feel that I have not given my best and presented my points well enough. I even exceeded the timing that was given and that is a grave mistake. Although I have timed myself at home about my own speech, I feel the reason why I still exceeded is because of my nervousness as I began to present. From the feedbacks that I have gotten, I realize that I was not lacking in confidence but instead how fast I was speaking and the fact that I had to think through as I spoke. I feel that if I had practiced more at home I may have been able to get all the points and messages that I want to say to the audience across in a more efficient way. I am sure to give all my best for the next presentation.  

7th entry:

            For this lesson, we learnt more about Suzhou Industrial Park. I found out that the development of this park in loves Lee Kuan Yew. This program began in 1994 was backed by former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew and late Chinese strongman Deng Xiaoping. These 2 people played a crucial part into Suzhou Industrial Park. Mr Lee Kuan Yew have also been aiding China and giving advices to China for Suzhou Industrial Park. I feel that Mr Lee Kuan Yew is actually a very knowledgeable and wise person. He is also very intelligent and humble and does not hesitate to share his opinions, give advice to other people. He plays a very important role and is one of the reasons why there can be Suzhou Industrial Park today.

8th entry:

           I have learnt through this lesson about Tang Dynasty. Science and technology, art and culture, governance, business and economy as well as education. The government of Tang Dynasty took arts and culture seriously. In fact trades along the Silk Road increased culture diversity. For governance, civil exam system and provincal government was improved. For business and economy, there are people stressed about paying taxes. For education, foreigners came to China to study arts. 
9th entry:
         I think that the Merlion will make the best icon to represent Singapore. In fact, I feel that an icon to represent Singapore should describe the general idea of Singapore. So that the first impression of Singapore, can be actually stated on the icon. I feel that the icon should also be quite nice, giving people the interest to know more about Singapore. The Merlion fufills all these requirements. The Merlion was created as with a lion head and a fish tail. Singapore used to be a fishing village hence the fish tail. In fact fishing was one of the most important source of income for Singapore, we relied on fishing a lot. The lion was the animal that Sang Nila Utama apparently saw and that was why Singapore was called the lion city. Merlion does show many points about Singapore in just a statue and in fact a lot of people actually like the Merlion. It is also a tourist attraction. Personally, I actually find it cute. The Merlion holds a great significance about Singapore and in fact whenever someone actually says Singapore, I immediately think of Merlion. The Merlion also holds the general meaning, history, present of Singapore, therefore I think that the Merlion is the best icon to represent Singapore.   

10th entry: 
       I feel that different countries have different cultures as well as different perspectives on things. For the animals performing in the circus, some people may think of it as a normal thing that is happening all arnd. For me, I am unable to adapt to this kind of things, I feel that it is to cruel, and I think that it is just too much. Just think about it, although people laugh have fun and these animals perform for us, what goes on behind the scenes. Are they suffering? Are they able to eat properly? I worry for them a whole lot. I have heard and seen so many cases about these kind of circuses ill-treating the animals. How am I suppose to believe that it won't be happening behind the stage? Still, we should still face this situation in a calm and composed manner. Different cultures, hence the different perspectives. We should try our best to respect other people's opinions and not to get too emotional. 

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